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Chris is the founder of ChrisWebSiteDesign.com. Chris is a software engineer and a serial entrepreneur. Chris holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. He started a Peer-to-Peer Distributed Computing software company in the early 2000s in the Silicon Valley and China, and he was in the front page of San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper. Chris is a technologist, a business man, a technology visionary and evengalist. He invented several technologies related to distributed computing and network management. He is also interested in renewable energies, and new emerging technologies and markets.


It saddens Chris to see that there are a lot of amateurs without much computer science knowledge doing half-jobs on websites. So Chris started this website and IT consulting business to focus on providing website and general software and IT consulting services, specifically to people and small businesses owners who are desperately in need of a decent professional website presence on the Internet or who need consulting services on any computer software and hardware, networking IT related issues.


Chris practices professionalism, honesty and straight-talk in his dealings with clients. The major motivation for Chris to start this business in the first place is to help people without much website or computer know-how to achieve their dreams for their online businesses. Chris has been very flexible and creative in working with clients to come up with a project plan that achieves their dreams without breaking the bank. Chris has a team of consultants available to tackle any size of projects.


On a personal note, Chris spent most of his spare time with his kids. Having a child has become the true source of joy and happiness because it triggers the unparalleled loving experience above all. Chris attributes his luxury of being able to enjoy the baby to his wife, who is unbelievably strong in bearing, nurturing and caring for the baby so they grow up happily and bring more joy and happiness to the family.


When he got some time, Chris loves to play his digital piano, to listen to Jazz and classical music. Below you can check out what Chris is listening to:



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