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JoomlaWatch Stats 1.2.7 by Matej Koval


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Total:  322

Template Adjustment PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   

"module" and "module_menu" have been causing text alignment and background issues with this site. "module" basically centers the text, but with background images, while "module_menu" aligns the text to the left, but does not have background images in the menu title. Eventually code has to be changed so that division type "module" has to be changed to "module_menue" if the module is a menu (e.g. mainmenu), and new definitions are added in template css to make module_menu have background image titles.


The code changes in \website\libraries\joomla\application\module\helper.php:


// begin chris mod:
// if this is a module with "menu"
// then replace "module" with "module_menu".
$haystack = $module->module;
$needle = "menu";
if (strlen(strstr($haystack,$needle))>0) {
// Needle Found
$module->content = str_replace("\"module\"", "\"module_menu\"", $module->content);
// end chris mod

Photo Gallery PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Photo Gallery is a very powerful tool to present art works, or images that can add a lot of vibrance to a web site."Expose" appears to be a very worthy component module that is very impressive, used here in the Portfolio page. It works right out of the box. The only thing is that it has so many paramenters that could take a lot of time to fine-tune it and configure it to display the whole module properly in the website.
JoomlaWatch Time Format Setup PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Once JoomlaWatch is setup, the time format is european/british format - d.m.y. As a quick fix, I started the source code editor and changed all references of "d.m." to "m.d.". Ideally, there should be a central global static variable where this date/time format information be defiined, or better yet, automatically determines the locale of the server and adjust the format automatically.
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