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Often times, I received phone calls from prospective clients about their website projects. One particular one is that he already has a website, but just has a lot of things he wanted to get done on the website - he wanted to do google traffic analytics, shopping carts, style sheet enhancements, search engine optimization, capitalizing on the traffic on his blog, google ad sense to make some income, etc, etc. I told him that these are all good feature enhancements we can help you achieve for your website, but we need to organize our thoughts better in the first place. Let's itemize each feature and come up with a list of things and prioritize all these features. Further more, he has a very limited budget. So we have to plan together and use it to the most urgent feature first. Eventually we come up with a very well thought-out plan and it also fits his budget. The project came out very good, we have another happy client!